Sneakers care

Care & Tips

We thought you could find these essential tips useful to make your sneakers age gracefully and last longer:



Give your sneakers a few days to adapt to your feet. You need to break them in before enjoying the full comfort.


Humidity is the main cause of deep creases. Try to always put shoe trees inside your shoes after wearing them or, if you don’t have any, put inside the paper you found in the box.


Never use generic chemicals to clean the upper. A wet cloth is enough to clean the leather or, if it’s very dirty, please use specific products made to treat premium leather.


Cushioning and comfort is what you expect from a good pair of sneakers and, in order to keep this promise, we adopted removable insoles that you can easily replace when the cushioning is not performing well anymore (it naturally happens after 1-2 years, depending on the use).


How to clean your Artisan Lab sneakers

You will need a bowl of water, a kitchen cream cleaner (to be used only to clean the soles), a microfiber/cotton cloth, a clean sponge and white shoe cream.


Step 1:

Start by adding some drops of kitchen cream cleaner (be sure the cream is white) to the sponge and clean carefully the side of the soles. Don’t apply on the leather upper, especially if it’s suede. You can use an angle of the cloth to be more precise on the borders.

Step 2:

When all the stains have been removed, dip the cloth into water and wash the sides of the soles to remove any of cream.


Step 3:
Take off the shoe laces and dip them into a bowl of water with some soap. Leave them there for at least one hour.


Step 4: 
Start by adding some drops of the Jason Markk formula to the brush and dip it into the bowl of water.